Donate a Vehicle

Every day, Ukrainian soldiers fight evil for the whole world. Day and night, they fight under missile attacks and shelling, as well as evacuate civilians from the hot spots.

Ordinary people all over Ukraine are constantly donating their transport, as well as raising money to buy cars for soldiers from their families. With the help of indifferent people, they buy transport abroad and deliver themselves to the frontline and save lives.

Let’s get together and supply Ukrainian soldiers with SUVs, ATVs, and pickup trucks to help them be mobile and effectively fight the russian invaders. 

Hell Rides

Hell Rides is an initiative of a Serhiy Prytula Charitable Foundation. They collect aid, including cars, for the Armed Forces, Territorial Defense, National Guard, and other military units of the Ukrainian Army.

In order to donate a vehicle, please email at [email protected].

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Apply for a vehicle donation and the Hell Rides volunteers contact you, collect your vehicle from almost all over the world, and deliver it to where it’s most needed. You can really make a difference!