Ukraine is fighting a Russian-led invasion, defending its territories against ongoing missile attacks. This aggression has been hurting families, destroying homes and disrupting lives of millions of Ukrainians. There is innocent blood on Russia’s hands.

Now is the time for the whole world to unite and fight together toward peace and democracy around the world, rejecting Putin’s one-party system led by a dictator.

We have compiled a list of credible volunteer organizations that are working day and night to provide life-saving care. Your donations for Ukraine are crucial to support Ukraine’s armed forces and civilians displaced from war.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are short of critical non-lethal supplies and high-precision equipment. Donate to Ukraine army – we need your help to purchase body armor, helmets, radios, first aid kits, thermal imagers, night vision devices, mobile surveillance systems, etc.

Medical Supplies

Donate medical supplies to Ukraine and save lives with individual first-aid kits (IFAKs) containing blood-stopping bandages and tourniquets, and other emergency medical supplies to the front lines and to civilians directly affected by the Russian attack.

Humanitarian Assistance

We provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine to all those affected by war – internally displaced persons from hot spots, children in hospitals, and others in need, delivering food and water, providing housing and medical care.

Helping Children Affected by War

Childhood is a time of learning, wonder, and growth. Help children affected by conflict, hunger and displacement overcome the mental and psychological impacts. Provide them with inclusive and quality education, safe housing and other basic needs.

International Fundraisers

International fundraiser organizations are committed to supporting Ukraine, its Armed Forces and the civilian population by providing humanitarian aid, military equipment and organizing fundraising activities.

Helping Animals in Need

Domestic pets, those left behind in zoos and shelters are suffering from Russian aggression and bombing every day. Helping animals in Ukraine means caring and saving their lives. Your donation will be used for food, water, medical supplies, and transport expenses to rescue them.

Donate in Cryptocurrencies

Charity in cryptocurrencies is the easiest and fastest way to help those in need, protecting Ukraine’s war-torn eastern border and providing conflict-related aid. Make crypto donations to Ukraine and help us fight against Russian aggression.