Russian Aggression

Ukraine Displaced Population to Hit 6.7 Million, World Pledges Financial Support

The conflict in eastern Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea started back in 2014 resulted in the full-fledged war launched by Russia on 24th February 2022. This violation triggered the fastest-growing refugee emergency due to the war, humanitarian crisis and targeted attacks on civilians.

Humanitarian situation:
Prior to the Russian invasion, most of the 3.16 mln people affected by the conflict were displaced in southeastern Ukraine in 2014.

Now, as a result of the invasion, the UN reports over 13,000 civilians have been killed, with 3.5 million IDPs (internally displaced persons) and another 1.2 million becoming refugees.

This number is predicted to increase dramatically to 6.7 million IDPs, 4.3 million of whom will be in need of emergency humanitarian assistance, states the UN Commissioner for Human Rights.

Global financial support
According to the UN estimates, financial needs for an urgent response to the situation in Ukraine are estimated at $1.7 billion to fund humanitarian work. It is planned to allocate $550.6 million from this fund to finance required humanitarian activities in countries such as Poland, Hungary and Romania that have accepted refugees from Ukraine.

The UK has pledged over £400 million of financial aid to the Ukrainian Government’s budget to support Ukraine’s economy, £40 million of which is allocated to humanitarian needs, and another £80 million for supporting refugees in neighboring countries.

The World Bank, European Union, and the United States are among other groups who have pledged significant aid.

Volunteers help
Many volunteers around the world raise funds and donate supplies to Ukraine. Artists, musicians, and local communities abroad raise money for a charity helping those affected by the conflict in Ukraine. Local charities in Ukraine have joined forces and raised millions to provide immediate assistance to IDPs and those in need. 

Their work and dedication are priceless and crucial for Ukrainians, as is the support of the whole world.

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